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Rev James Bamber

James is the Superintendent Minister for our Circuit.

On a sunny day, you'll find James outdoors enjoying the natural world — a conscientious walker and bird-watcher he loves exploring the countryside with his family.

On a wet (or dry) Monday morning he is often following up on things from Sunday past and preparing for Sunday coming!

Day to day he loves the people he shares home with and so spending time with them playing board games, baking, sharing stories, and just being all feature highly on his list of favourite home pastimes.

When it comes to faith, 'You are loved by God' is key for him, and the message he seeks to help others realise more and more. It's an idea which is so against the culture of today where so often worth is linked to what we have, what we do, or the labels others attach to us.

On a desert island, if he had to go alone, he'd have a photo album and an endless supply of chocolate.

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St Neots and Huntingdon Methodist Circuit
Advent Studies - Hope Love Joy Peace Christ
Thursday 23rd December @ 7:30pm
Online - Zoom

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