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Whitechapel Mission

Dear Revd Bamber,

On behalf of the Trustees of The Whitechapel Methodist Mission I am pleased to invite you and all of your multiple congregations to our annual Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the work of the Mission on Sunday 15th November, 2020 at 3pm As members of Huntingdon Methodist Church have loyally supported the work here in Whitechapel, I do hope that you will be able to advertise and view the service.

Our preacher this year is the Superintendent of Wesley's Chapel & Leysian Mission, Revd Canon Dr Jennifer Smith.

Following the announcement of London moving to Tier 2 (High) and the increase in cases, our Church Council do not believe that we can conduct a live service with over 120 people attending. It has therefore been decided to hold this year's Anniversary Service via YouTube. A link to the YouTube channel for The Tower Hamlets Methodist Circuit channel can be found above.

If you are unable to come on this occasion, but would like to share in worship at the Mission, the dates of other services can be found on our website https://whitechapel.church or by telephoning the office on 0300 111 400.

Our latest Annual Review will posted after this service.
We look forward to welcoming you to Whitechapel.

Yours sincerely
Whitechapel Mission

This will be broadcast on Youtube on Sunday 15th November at 3.00pm by Tower Hamlets Methodist Circuit

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