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How are you doing? Really hope you had a good summer and managed to get some rest. At Kintsugi Hope, we have been thinking about what more we can do to support churches at this time. We have been blown away by the support of the UK Church and we now have 176 partner churches and over 400 leaders, many of which are running Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups. The stories and feedback from these groups have been so encouraging. People are being set free from the shame that too often surrounds mental health that can prevent people from speaking out and seeking help.

We recently launched a survey asking Churches and our Group Leaders what key topics they would appreciate input on if we were going to run online events. We also were keen to hold events where people could invite non-Christians to as well.

Below are the key topics:

  • Tackling Anxiety
  • Tackling Disappointment
  • Tackling Perfectionism

We are going to do this in a form of a chat show on Sunday evenings on 1st, 8th and 15th November, 8-9pm, this will include humour, video, music, special guests and Q&A.

We have not really started advertising it yet and tickets have already starting to go which is encouraging. Tickets available via Eventbrite we ask for donation which can be as little as £1.00. I have attached a flyer that can be used for social media and church notices, we are hoping this could supplement what churches are already doing in the area of WellBeing. If you are up for sharing on social media etc that would be lovely but no pressure

Kind regards

Patrick Regan OBE

Chief Executive Officer, Kintsugi Hope


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