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Used Laptop Devices Needed For Local Schools

Our aim is to collect at least 250 redundant laptops and tablets, i.e. iPads, from the local community and businesses in our area and we will refurbish and test the devices before being distributed to our local schools in Huntingdonshire.

Visit our website by clicking on this link for further information including how to reset your device to 'factory setting' before donating.

To donate your device please contact one of the following:

Huntingdonshire Community Group by email at: huntingdonshirecommunitygroup@gmail.com

Riverport WI (St Ives) by email at: riverportwi@btinternet.com

Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust by email at: anna@ramseyneighbourhoodstrust.org

St Neots Community Support by telephone on: 0333 335 5344

This project is in partnership with dash and cambs-PAT (UK) Ltd

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