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Divine Darkness

Through a programme of worship, teaching, silence and reflection based on a Benedictine monastic pattern
from Sunday 24th to Friday 29th November 2019
The Five-Day Community for Spiritual Formation aims to:

  • root spirituality in Christian faith and tradition
  • provide opportunity for participation in community life
  • form people for life in a changing world.

    The Five-Day Community for Spiritual Formation
    will cost £495 per person. This includes full board in single accommodation, daily teaching and full use of the facilities at Cliff College.

    Leadership team for this event:
    Jill Baker: Methodist lay person, retreat & pilgrimage leader, based in Glasgow
    James Bamber: Methodist superintendent minister currently in Huntingdon, Cambs.
    Oseias da Silva: Methodist minister in the Forest circuit, London
    Rev. Catherine Dixon: Methodist minister currently in East Anglia
    Andrew Lightowler: Methodist lay person, dad & volunteer, based in Leeds
    Kristin Markay: Methodist minister currently based in Lambeth, London

    To find out more or request a registration form, contact the Registrar,
    Jill Baker, 11, Duthie Park Gardens, Glasgow. G13 1GB 0141 959 7951 by email at: fivedaycsf@btinternet.com

    Bursaries or grants towards this kind of Spiritual Formation experience are often available. Do consider contacting
    your local church or regional church body. More information about possible grant funding is available on the Community
    Website: https://5daycommunity.com/

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