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The Revd Dr Clifford Owen enjoys watching The Vicar of Dibley and Father Ted. He has also in the past laughed at the sketches of The Dave Allen Show. But how far do TV sitcoms represent the realities of life as a vicar or priest?

In 10 Churches, 3 Crises, 1 God Clifford 'tells it for real'. This is his story of 50 years from first call through to retirement and up to the present day.

He had no blinding light revelations that called him to be a vicar. It was just a growing conviction as he got on with the business of training as an engineer in the Royal Navy. Eventually he had to test the call.

And so we have in this account a fairly full sketch of half a century behind a dog collar. The three crises were significant. The first happened when his theological college nearly closed down after a dispute. The second happened in a Worcestershire parish when he thought about resigning after a dispute which went viral. The third crisis is of interest to all of us because we're in it: Covid-19.

The roots of this story lie in six happy years when he wrote a monthly Chaplain's column in The Corfiot, the English language magazine in Corfu. This has set the target for the present book which is 'beyond the church walls'. He hopes that many who don't regularly go to a church service will find that vicars are human beings who laugh and cry; feel fulfilled and frustrated; sense achievement and get angry; but also testify to a faith that sees them through it all. Enjoy the book!

'Those who wonder what ministry is like would benefit from reading this beautiful and sometimes poignant story'. Bishop Robert Innes

'Those who have been in ministry for many years or just a few will also find a great deal to relate to and will find themselves surprised, instructed, encouraged and uplifted'. Revd Dr Michael Volland

Available to order via Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats:
ISBN: 9798590471034

An Easter Hymn
Rev Clifford Owen has also written two verses of an Easter hymn and the hymn and the very interesting story behind it is attached here.

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