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It All Began In Barns!
The Methodist Church in Huntingdon has a splendid history going back well over 200 hundred years though at times it has been checkered. Methodist Societies are recorded as meeting barns at North End and at Duck End in Godmanchester as early as 1768 – these early members were obviously hardy folk. Not the least of these was Sarah Reeve who walked to Bedford to persuade John Wesley to preach at Godmanchester, which he did on the 25th November 1774, the first of nine visits he made to the area. Shortly afterwards the first official 'Meeting House' was provided in Castle Hill Lane just east of the present Orchard House.

The present site was acquired in 1811 and the first new church was built and served for sixty years when it proved inadequate for the needs of teh town and the congregation. Having been demolished the present building was erected in 1878, the foundation stones being laid on the 22nd May and the new chapel opened on the 18th October – a comment perhaps on the speed of building at that time.

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